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Current prices

$333 Reading

*  (Optional) One CD for Basic Chart & One CD for Transits

*  Three-page Hand-Written Chart

*  ZOOM Meeting (e-mailed)

*  Telephone For Those Without Computer Access

The tape and chart are mailed to you. Adult couples must have consent of both parties for readings. Parents can have children's (under 18) charts done without their consent. Confidentiality is a priority.  Can pre-record reading and e-mail or mail. 

$222 Basic Reading
*  Basic Personality & Behavior Chart  

*  (Optional) One Compact Disc of Reading Mailed To You 

*  One Hour Reading Recorded

*  ZOOM Meeting

* Telephone For Those Without Computer Access

Can pre-record reading.

$55 Reading 

Personal Year, 30-minute reading via telephone, or ZOOM meeting

 *chart mailed or e-mailed to you

Vocational Counseling and Organizational Development Consultation

Videoconferencing via ZOOM Meetings

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