Advocates For Numerological and 
Astrological Research™TM

School of Occult and Intuitive StudiesTM

The school is designed to empower professionals with additional tools for managing their business and understanding their customer/client/patient to provide maximum benefit for services rendered. The classes are designed to qualify the student for doing complete Numerology readings in a professional context, gaining valuable experience with each client.

Anyone who simply wants a deeper understanding of themselves and their lessons to be learned in this life is welcome to join the classes and engage in delving into the supreme mystery of self through the numbers.

Applied Numerology is the engagement of behavioral traits to manage activities in your life. Understanding your unique characteristics based on numerical principles allows for proper manifestation of your soul's purpose and lessons. Dealing with day-to-day opportunities for growth—often perceived as problems—can empower us if we embrace the situation presented and focus on manifesting the ideal outcome. Applied Numerology can identify karmic blockages, subconscious sabotage manipulations, and distorted numerical energy use based on impure motives, resulting in a chaotic life. The disruptions that these actions cause diminish positive attitudes that can encourage one to make lasting behavioral changes. The basic approach to using Applied Numerology and teaching it in my classes is grounded in my own theory about the energies of numbers. 

Chadwick’s Numerology Learning Theory™ is based on the premise that numbers are physical patterns of energy manifested as behavioral phenomena, and humans exhibit personality and character traits according to these number influences.

Join me in exploring numerology in a professional context, empowering yourself and others to fulfill their life lesson.

December 31, 2018
Thank you for your patience. NUM 199 class schedule will be announced in January 2019 and posted in calendar. The venue might be in a different location due to equipment accessibility. More details will be given in January. Thank you for your patience.