Advocates For Numerological and 
Astrological Research™TM


Advocates For Numerological And Astrological Research is an educational organization dedicated to researching, interpreting, and integrating Numerology and Astrology as spiritual tools in everyday life.


To foster knowledge and understanding of Numerology and Astrology through teaching, research, writing, and public presentations.


Pure Motive. Pure Results.

Code of Ethics

I.          I am not a healer.  I do not heal anyone.  I only act as a conduit through which 

            the natural energies can work.

II.        Cooperation and concentration on details will enhance relationships with clients.

            Therefore, open communication must be established immediately.

III.       Creativity shall be employed as a learning device; this will give added dimension           

            to the work.

IV.       System and order must be maintained for maximum efficiency.  Consequently,

            inspiration will come from focusing on the limitations at hand.

V.        The only constant is change; thus, unforeseen circumstances are to be expected.

            Flexibility will remain a necessary component of the work.

VI.       I shall encourage clients to accept responsibility for their condition whilst

            working with them in their desire to achieve balance. 

VII.     Analysis and research to achieve greater understanding of the work must never

            end with conclusive statements.  This allows open non-judgemental theories to be

            developed and tested without resorting to pedantic opining.

VIII.    A pure motive will determine material satisfaction.

 IX.      Endings must be complete and satisfactorily given within the limitations

            of the worker.

COPYRIGHT © 1995 by Anne Chadwick

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