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Writing The Words

Posted by afnaar on September 16, 2020 at 10:15 AM

Why does it paralyze us so?

Just starting to write can be paralyzing; it's a physical act and we physically have to put our hands in the position or talk-to-text. Some of the problem is our self-judgement: is it going to be good enough? Will the reader criticize it? Once it's written, can we take it back?

The type of writing we do is different, as well; even the term academic wrriting sounds like something so beyond our capabilities that we think we can never write as well as the journal articles we read! However, the fact is we can. It might take writing and rewriting, but that's what rewriting is all about: just putting some words down on paper, then rearranging them. The important action to take is putting something down. 

In writing a synopsis of a journal article, for instance, the methodology, participants, what the question to be answered was, results, and recommendations for further research are a solid starting point to simply put some words on paper.

More will be written and added as the journey continues, but this has started me writing, at least, because I have been experiencing the paralysis! 

Categories: The Eclectic Nature of the Dissertation as a Spiritual Journey