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                          Anne Chadwick, M.Ed.                                   

I have been practicing Numerology for 35 years, and have two master's degrees: one in Educational Leadership and another in Human Relations from Northern Arizona University.  My bachelor's degree is in Exercise & Wellness/Health Promotion from Arizona State University.  

My reflexology service of 35 years is under Metacarpal Motions® and I am a Reiki Master, which helps me understand the body's energy forces, the dynamics of communication, and the necessity of confidentiality.    

Currently, I am working on a doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership with emphasis in Organizational Development from Grand Canyon University. 

I look forward to bringing Numerology into a more professional and credible setting.


Office: (480) 380-5660 

Mobile: (480) 510-1208


Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society

Golden Key International Honour Society 

Universal Life Minister